January, 2015 | Girls Mag

Foods that will make you look younger

Are you one of those who shell out money like mad addicts for obtaining anti-aging creams and treatments? Seriously, that’s not even worth it. Standing all day long in the mirror and applying creams and serums all over the face would not even make a difference that would last ... Continue Reading

How to get fair skin naturally and quickly at home

fair complexion
Having a fair skin is the wish of every individual and this becomes even more common in women. This is because in our part of the world fair complexions are given quite a lot of importance. It is believed that no matter how pretty and attractive features you have ... Continue Reading

Summer Kimpton-Brown

summer Kimpton-Brown
Already an Extraordinary actress at such a young age, Summer Kimpton-Brown Summer Kimpton-Brown is a young girl that is an extraordinary actress, even at the young age of nine. Summer has loved acting from a very young age and has a lot of experience and training. She has many ... Continue Reading

How to create a Gmail account

‘Google mail‘ or ‘Gmail‘ is a web-based email account in which emails are stored on the internet rather than on your computer. Internet email can be a flexible option as you can access emails from any computer that has internet access – for example, at internet cafés – anywhere ... Continue Reading

How to Set up a Skype Account

Skype is a free online video chat application that is fun and convenient to use. To use it, you will need a Microsoft account, a Facebook account, or a Skype account. Follow this guide to create a new Skype account in just a few minutes. Open the Skype homepage. ... Continue Reading

Perfect Colored Hair Style Ideas for Girls And Women

Colored hair ideas In fashion world, there is no limit for colors. Colorful ideas are the second name for exciting fashion trends. Colors are everywhere, in clothes, in makeup in accessories, in shoes and also in “hairs”. Hair coloring is not a new idea. But using bold and bright ... Continue Reading

Things to Avoid in Applying Makeup

avoid makeup
After applying lotion or cream always apply face powder. On a dry skin the face powder clogs the pores making them visible. However, on an oily skin powder doesn’t last long. When you choose a shade always try not to opt for brighter hues since bright shades always highlight ... Continue Reading

How to Create a Personal Blog

Blogging has become one of the more popular pastimes on the internet. Some people blog for money, others blog about current events, and others blog for humor. The list goes on. Increasingly, bloggers are use weblogs as a personal journal, preferring to keep it out of the spotlight. If ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Hollywood Actresses

topn 10
1. Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie is one of the most desirable and talented Hollywood actresses. She is not only talented but also bold and beautiful. It is due to her charming and attractive look that she is dominating the viewers of Hollywood since a long. Angelina has won variosu ... Continue Reading