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How To Wear Men’s Shirt

Today our topic is how to wear mans shirts because mostly girls have craze which started a couple of years ago how to wear a men’s shirt .Whether it was your brother or your husband’s, we reckon at one time or another, you’ve worn one of their shirts. You can also ... Continue Reading

Magnum Party 2015

Magnum Pakistan organized a party in Karachi which was attended by all the top designers, model, hosts and actors. The party was a lively affair. It was an invite only event and it was very obvious that Magnum Pakistan made sure that every well-known celebrity of Pakistan attended this ... Continue Reading

Jumpsuit For Girls

Jumpsuit is highly amazing and gorgeous wearing style which has come back from the former trends. Jumpsuit is worn by modish ladies as it is most exclusive and easy wearing style. This wearing style is not as simple to carry as it seems. It has some special demands which ... Continue Reading

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

The Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2015 concluded on August 30, lot of fashion designer make this event more beautiful with their color full dresses .Look at the best dresses at lakme fashion week 2015.

Meet The Nice Girls

We all know the mean girls, the girls who are feared and worshiped at the same time. The ones that always get what they want and go through life fearlessly collecting prom queen crowns and boys’ phone numbers. But what about the other type of girls? The ones that ... Continue Reading

Emma Watson Outfits

Emma Watson finds herself on numerous best-dressed lists every time that she steps out, so it’s no surprise  given her history of campaigning in the ethical and equality arenas – that she is maximizing the opportunity that her red carpet promotional tour for her latest film,. Take a walk ... Continue Reading

Plush Eid Kurtis Collection 2015

Plush by Riaz arts Eid Kurti Collection 2015 is a sophisticated outfit with stunning views as well as color schemes, embroidery designs, which are has launched summer collection with Eid designs for girls. Let’s celebrate this Eid with Plush latest summer collection 2015.