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Award-Winning Author Delivers A Fiction Book That’s Perfect For The Girl Who Has Been Cheated On


Marian L. Thomas, an award-winning author based out of Georgia, will release her new book, I Believe In Butterflies on May 21, 2017.

I Believe In Butterflies provides an intimate portrait of three women navigating love and life, but it’s the unparalleled journey of one of the main characters—Honour Blue Baker, that will certainly resonant with avid readers as the perfect  read for the girl who has ever been cheated on.

“Honour is a woman who has fears. She also has a past that fuels those fears. Love has let her down, but a journey home to a small county just outside of Atlanta to see her mother, just might become a journey of a lifetime.” Thomas said.

Thomas’ books have been seen on major network television stations such as the OWN Network, Ovation, and the A&E Network.  Her 2014 release, Blue Butterfly, was a “recommended read”  featured on USA Today.

To pre-order the paperback or hardcover edition of I Believe In Butterflies, visit:

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