September 2017 - Girls Mag

Ethical fashion and global sustainability

The fashion and clothing industries are often associated with various historical, as well as contemporary, ethical issues. Ranging from the infamously poor treatment of workers in Third World sweatshops, to the hotly-debated and problematic issue of cultural appropriation, fashion is pretty steeped in moral issues. In order to combat ... Continue Reading

La Diamond ! The World Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

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LA Diamonds is a Diamond Dealing company located in Downtown Los Angeles and have made it their mission to select the finest stones the industry has to offer. by working with a wide variety of vendors LA Diamonds are able to bring you the highest quality stones for wholesale ... Continue Reading

An Interview With Aisha Jones

Her MBA could also stand for Maniacally Buying Apparel. She is a b-school corporate climber turned fashion expert that is part fashionista and part mad scientist in a stylish leopard print lab coat with her patent pending invention, Style Recipe Cards, that guarantees 20 compliments in 20 days. She ... Continue Reading

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Healthy

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We all care about our health. But, truth be told, we sometimes tend to overestimate what is needed for achieving longevity and the maintenance of our bodies. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. There are many things we could do, on a daily basis, that could propel our ... Continue Reading