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All the World’s a Stage

Isabel Kruse has represented her home country of Australia on the international stage as a singer and actress, starring in works as diverse as ancient Greek tragedy to rock musicals to premiering new roles in contemporary American drama. She has toured Australia, the UK, and even the Mediterranean, taking ... Continue Reading

How to Style Your Inner Beach Babe

Summer’s just around the corner, and you’ve waited for the whole year to shed those baggy, oversized clothes for lighter clothes. There is no better time to unleash your inner beach babe than during the upcoming warm season. If you’ve ever dreamed of rocking the beach-babe look, look no ... Continue Reading


Her stage name is Paloma Fevi – a dynamic young actress and model who started her career as a teenager in her native Peru, and is now living out her dreams in Hollywood. She’s about to become a familiar face to anyone who travels the highways of California as ... Continue Reading

Status In Sales: Do You Fit The Profile?

(Image Source) When a salesperson sees a potential customer, they won’t often find themselves thinking about what they can do to make them happy, even if they claim to put you first. The job that they are doing requires a certain level of rapport with clients, while also being ... Continue Reading

Shopping Addict? How To Curb Your Compulsive Spending

Credit   Plenty of people spend a little bit more than they probably should and joke about having a shopping addiction but know that if they really couldn’t afford to buy something they definitely wouldn’t. Shopping addicts are different; They usually hide their shopping habits from their loved ones ... Continue Reading

Shopping Really Could Improve Your Life

Image source at Pixabay   Anyone who has ever watched or read Confessions of a Shopaholic knows that excessive spending can have a huge impact on your life. The compulsive need to buy new things can be devastating for your finances, as well as other areas of your life. ... Continue Reading

How To Be The ‘Real You’ With Bad Finances

Pexels Experiencing a difficult financial situation sucks. It can leave you limited in your ability to experience the world, and spend time with friends. It prevents you from being able to wear what you want, and keep yourself well groomed with the products that best match your needs. It ... Continue Reading