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How to Use Pressure Cooker for Beef

Very often people consider pressure cooker to be a technology of the yesteryear, which is very much ironic. Yes, ironic because, in this constantly running time-pressed world, what can be a more appropriate cooking utensil than a cooker that drastically reduces the time required for cooking. In people over ... Continue Reading

GOLO Diet Reviews

There are millions of diets out there, many of which seem to flat out contradict each other as to what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to their one shared objective: losing excess weight and keeping it off for good. One of the latest diets to garner ... Continue Reading

Omega 3, great ally of the brain and memory

A new study by American scientists showed that the benefits of blue fish and their content in omega-3 fatty acids are not limited to protecting the heart. People with high levels of Omega 3 would also have larger brain volumes in old age which would mean preserving their brain ... Continue Reading

Verseo ePen

Verseo ePen
There are many products on the market that promise to remove unwanted hair from the body permanently and with little expense. The Verseo ePen falls into the category of electrolysis products that are designed for use in the comfort of your own home. However, does it live up to ... Continue Reading

Smooth, Soft, Summer Legs

shave club for women
As the summer gets into the hottest weeks, ladies everywhere are facing the same dilemma. How do you get and keep super soft legs? Many have tried laser hair removal, the shave cream that takes away hair, and waxing. Unfortunately, these are expensive, tedious, or painful, and what woman ... Continue Reading