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You DONT NOT HAVE TO APPLY THIS MASK EVERYDAY. YOU CAN APPLY IT ONCE. THE REST OF THE WEEK APPLY ANY ONE OF YOUR FAV. OILS. (Almond, castor, jojoba, mustard, coconut, The options can be endless) What helps grow the hair is flipping it upside down and massaging it ... Continue Reading

Take Care of your Wavy Hair

If you ask people that what type of hair they consider best? Then most of them would reply: Wavy Hair as best hair type as wavy texture gives a lot of volume to one’s hair even if your hair quality is thin even then it looks heavy because of ... Continue Reading

What Your Beauty Routine is Missing??

French beauty is definitely something to emulate. And we just discovered that the French have been using Royal Jelly to stay healthy and young for decades! Learn about this magic jelly here, and see what types of products you can start using now!

Laser Hair Removal Method

Although costly, laser removal has received good evaluations from men and women who have tried it. Its effects could be permanent, but numerous need yearly upkeep sessions. Fortunately, the majority of the readily offered hair removal strategies are price range friendly, and many of them can be performed at ... Continue Reading

Keep Your Skin Young Naturally

Many people are running to the drug store or beauty counter to buy the latest in anti-aging remedies, some are even trying to turn back the hands of time with surgery. But what if you can keep your skin tight simply by adding the right nutrients in your diet? ... Continue Reading