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Maintaining Your Fashion Sense While Abroad

Maintaining Your Fashion Sense While Abroad Traveling is an extraordinarily rewarding venture. It is often the reason we work at all—to enjoy a luxurious vacation, sleep in, sightsee, eat new food, meet new people, and make memories we’ll never forget. Exploring the world is a desire harnessed by many ... Continue Reading


Balenciaga is a French fashion house that is an epitome of sophistication and style among the elite. It was founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, the legendary couturier who started his fashion career at 12 years of age. One item that is widely popular among all the luxury articles ... Continue Reading

How to stay on the cutting edge of fashion

There are few things in the world that seem to move faster than fashion.  What is smoking hot one day will be considered trash the next. This is especially true in womens’ fashion.  Many are keen on staying up with what happens at Fashion Week, follow all of the ... Continue Reading

Roaring 20s Flapper Dress

Flapper dresses are a hot topic in the party dress circuit this holiday season. Drop-waists, dramatic beading, sultry colors, and layers of jewelry are key elements of the look. Roaring 20’s dresses were purposely shaped to hide womanly curves. So, it doesn’t matter what body shape you are. The ... Continue Reading

Bikini Luxe

Bikini Luxe is an online Women’s fashion and swimwear website that features designer fashion from around the world. The focus is mainly on curating designer swim from luxury brands. You will find some of the most beautiful and exotic one pieces, monokinis, two piece bikini sets, and more. Known ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Fashion Hacks Every Women Should Know

fashion hack
Fashion and woman are complementary of one and another. Both are incomplete without each other. The woman is considered as a fashion icon. Whenever we try to visualize any dress or accessories, we put our favorite model in our imagination. We woman, always want to be the eye catcher ... Continue Reading


BELLE LUXE ™ takes inspiration from luxury high end brands and catwalk trends to create a range of stylish and covetable accessories. A Montreal-based fashion accessories company. We cater to the luxury envy fashionistas who want the luxury look but simply cannot afford the high-end price tag. We believe ... Continue Reading

Ethical fashion and global sustainability

The fashion and clothing industries are often associated with various historical, as well as contemporary, ethical issues. Ranging from the infamously poor treatment of workers in Third World sweatshops, to the hotly-debated and problematic issue of cultural appropriation, fashion is pretty steeped in moral issues. In order to combat ... Continue Reading