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Omega 3, great ally of the brain and memory

A new study by American scientists showed that the benefits of blue fish and their content in omega-3 fatty acids are not limited to protecting the heart. People with high levels of Omega 3 would also have larger brain volumes in old age which would mean preserving their brain ... Continue Reading

Women, Fame and Addiction

Actress Kristin Davis, known for her role in ‘Sex and the City’, once commented that at one point, she didn’t believe she would live past 30 due to her heavy drinking habit. Carrie Fisher, known world-wide for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, stated “I ... Continue Reading

Greenleaves vitamins Salvestrol Xtra

Salvestrol Xtra is a natural product focus that affects your wellbeing. The item is, for instance, rich in phytonutrients, otherwise called phytoalexins. They are typically bounteous in naturally developed products of the soil. The natural product focus gives an essential nutritious esteem, and thusly offers an incredible commitment to ... Continue Reading

Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement Review

Garcinia Cambogia went unnoticed for so long we barely knew it existed but now it is the most common name among nutritional experts. The wave started with Dr. Oz who made sensational claims in 2012 about a fruit to help people lose weight in near miraculous fashion. Dr Oz ... Continue Reading

Use the same tools that Naturapathic Doctors use!

Use the same tools that Naturapathic Doctors use!
Would you like to take control of your wellbeing and health?? How might you want to find out about a basic arrangement that will engage you to unhesitatingly and adequately handle any sickness? What’s more, to have the capacity to do this at whatever time, and anyplace. Rapidly, effectively ... Continue Reading

Nurx’s New Birth Control App

A San Francisco- based startup is making birth control easier to access than ever. Nurx released an app, allowing women to get a prescription for birth control and have it delivered to them. The company recently told Mashable that they currently operate in California, New York, and Washington state, ... Continue Reading

Savvy Green USA Announces Exciting Launch of Online Market Featuring Eco Friendly, Organic and Gluten-Free Foods and Products

Shopping for eco-friendly, green foods online doesn’t have to be time consuming or break the bank.  Savvy Green USA is a new online store offering a wide selection of organic, natural and environmentally conscious products of all kinds, set at affordable price points.  Health conscious shoppers couldn’t be happier ... Continue Reading

How Every Women Can Quickly Tone Their Body

Women are so busy these days and they often need quick workouts which fit their hectic schedules. If you’re in the same boat, you should know that there are ways to get fit fast. Today, we’d like to show you three ways that every woman can quickly tone her ... Continue Reading

HCG Drops

About HCG Drops HCG drops are extracted from the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This hormone is produced naturally in the bodies of expectant women. Whereas any HCG hormone still in the pure form without the addition of other hormones is referred to as pure HCG. It is also referred ... Continue Reading