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People love fun pink products

There is something about getting a product in just the right color that makes it even more special than it already is.  Even an everyday item can be made more fun when it’s in the right color.  That said, certain colors are more popular than others.  Some colors just ... Continue Reading

Healthy Coffee Weight Loss

Coffee contains caffeine… which is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Caffeine has made its way to most commercial fat burning supplements, for good reason. It is one of the few substances that is known to help mobilize fats from the fat tissues and increase metabolism. ... Continue Reading

Summer Essential For Every Girl!

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The scorching sun, the killing heat waves, and the sunstroke what not we bear in the cruel summers which take out the sweat out of us in minutes. The harsh UV sun rays are enough to give you premature aging, uneven suntan, sticky hairs, and dry lips. In summer, our skin ... Continue Reading

ÊTREXA™ !The Best Anti Aging Innovation

anti aging
The range of anti-ageing products can be intimidating. They all promise to do one thing, but which are best and why? We’ve picked the best Anti Aging Innovation “ÊTREXA™ line of anti-aging nutraceuticals is developed using a solid scientific approach of enhancement of individual components’ bioavailability to maximize the health ... Continue Reading


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Bring On The Best Girls Night In

Grab your diaries and mark the date. Girl’s night in is on the cards. There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s a brilliant occasion to throw the rule book away. Get your besties together and have some no boys fun. There just something special about these nights and you ... Continue Reading