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The Wicked Jewel

The Wicked Jewel is an online store that sells jewelry and accessories for women of all types. We believe one single piece of jewel can brighten your day or make you feel a little special. We use the name Wicked because to us it means fly, fierce and hip. ... Continue Reading


Imagine a world, where with an app you can customize your jewelry. Wear 1,000 bracelets at ONCE! With the new ONA BANGLE you can change your designs anytime with the smartphone app! The ONA BANGLE is available in 3 stunning colours, and two sizes to fit to everyone. There ... Continue Reading

Photo Jewelry The Perfect Gift For Her

Photo necklace is popular jewelry! You can upload about people, animals, landscapes photos of yours and so on . Also can write whatever you want on it .We will help you Made into a necklace monumental significance. Discover unique selection of Personalized Photo Jewelry with exclusive design. onlyuniquenes offers ... Continue Reading

MESE London Helps You Look Better

MESE London has been a much loved jeweller since 1992. Based in the Heart of London, United Kingdom, operating for such a long time has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure we can find the right item to help you look better, in a style ... Continue Reading

Biker Jewelry Was Recognized By Boys and Girls Now

As time goes by Biker Jewelry has recognized by people in the world. Designers and jewelry producers devote exclusively to making this range of jewelry. They are different from other kind of jewelry, particularly according to their thickness and weight. The styles vary and it is regarded as a combination of ... Continue Reading

Tips to find quality and affordable jewelry

For any purchase, buyers wish to achieve cost-effectiveness, which means getting the best deal which gives the highest quality while minimizing cost. Whether the piece of jewelry is an eternity ring to act as a gift for a loved one or a gold wedding ring, there is need to ... Continue Reading