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How To Find The Best Jewellery Shop

THERE IS NOTHING FRIGHTENING ABOUT SHOPPING FOR JEWELRY ONLINE THESE DAYS Shopping for jewelry has always been a favorite pastime for women. Depending on how you see it internet shopping can either be advantageous or disadvantageous. In the past people were always skeptical about buying jewelry online. They would ... Continue Reading

Madame Kalalu Bracelets

With beautiful intricate patterns and woven designs, these Boho chic beaded bracelets are a great accessory to go with you every dress and enhance your good looks. Handmade with only top quality beads inserted, these marvellous pieces of jewelry add to your personality as they are custom designed, especially ... Continue Reading

All That Dazzles ! Unique Online Jewelry Store

“All That Dazzles” is an online jewelry store specializing in unique and sophisticated pieces. Select from our many exquisite necklaces that will sure to fit any occasion. Our line of necklaces, bracelets, and body jewelry will sure to exceed your expectations. Our body jewelry is perfect for play time ... Continue Reading

Can you shower with sterling silver jewelry?

Today together with we’ll try to answer one trending question – can you shower with sterling silver jewelry? On one hand the answer to this question depends on one’s personal habits but on the other hand it is also a matter of keeping one’s jewelry in proper conditions. ... Continue Reading

Should You Pick Your Own Engagement Ring?

Did you know that around 1 in 3 women pick their own engagement rings these days? There are arguments both for and against picking your own ring. If you pick it yourself, you know you’ll have a ring you’ll love forever and ever. However, this will take the element ... Continue Reading