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Kainawa Delivers Package to the World

For years the slang “Package” or “Packaging” was mainly used in West African circles, but now that trendy adjective has gone global thanks to United Kingdom based Sierra Leonean artiste Kainawa, and his debut catchy tune aptly titled “Package.” The term, which is used in a similar context as ... Continue Reading

Birthday Drama

In the summer of 2011 pop-singer songwriter Eye’z inspired by her love of celebrating her birthday and living life to the fullest created a show called Birthday Drama. By doing so Eye’z was able to capture on film the emotional Roller-coaster that Birthday Drama is. Eye’z overcomes many obstacles ... Continue Reading


When someone asks which country produces the nicest people a lot of people automatically answer, “Canada.” Why? Maybe because Canadians are so civilized and are very considerate along with being extremely hospitable. Well, Canada also produces some very beautiful people, such as the famous international model Shannon Dalonzo. She ... Continue Reading


If you look up the name Cassandra you’ll find that it is a name used in many different cultures, from ancient Greece, to the Romans and it even found itself in Shakespeare’s lexicon. Cassandra is also a beautiful name given to girls in America and England. Wherever it is ... Continue Reading