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Best of NYFW Kindom 18

February 9,2018. New York- This NYFW season is been very active and kids fashion took an impressive role on it. I love Mel D. a kids brand presented bridal looks for girls and teens who captivated the audience. The best looks of the brand included skirts, lace tops, flower ... Continue Reading


Her stage name is Paloma Fevi – a dynamic young actress and model who started her career as a teenager in her native Peru, and is now living out her dreams in Hollywood. She’s about to become a familiar face to anyone who travels the highways of California as ... Continue Reading

The Last Tango

The Last Tango is an action short film starring actress Stefanja Orlowska it centers around a couple setup to seduce one another Jane aka Natasha Orlovsky (played by actress Stefanja Orlowska) and John (played by actor Mathieu Szymkowiak) are surprised to find out both are assassins hired to kill ... Continue Reading

In Memory of a Moment

“Our lives comprise of a series of moments that lead to either good or bad events in our lives. These events can affect others who are close to us and the way they handle their moments in their lives. In this case the decisions of one person has majorly ... Continue Reading

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