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How can I get signed to a modeling agency?

modeling agency
While it’s superbly conceivable to be an independent model and still have an extraordinary profession, marking to modeling agency, can give you access to significantly more castings. Investigate the sorts of models they speak to. Investigate any necessities they recommend. Discover what photographs they need. t. While you don’t ... Continue Reading

Beauty Treatment via Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy has taken ‘front stage’ in the world of medical science. The psychedelic era concept of sensory deprivation tanks has become a major element in treating a variety of ailments that range from chronic pain, PMS discomforts, injury recovery, arthritis and much more at selected medical institutions and ... Continue Reading

The Urban X Change

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Perfect Complexion Skin Care

julie robins esty pix
My name is Julie Robins and I am a custom compounding skin chemist with 44 skin transforming products that are aesthetic grade for home and professional use. Perfect Complexion is an exciting concept that not only reverses the aging process of the face but also addresses scars, pigment, melasmas ... Continue Reading

Can Nail Polish Affect Your Health?

healthy fingernails
Nobody wants lifeless nails, but jazzing them up with nail polish may actually hurt your health. That’s because many polishes contain three harmful chemicals, sometimes called the toxic trio. The culprits are toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Each of these chemicals help to keep our polished nails looking ... Continue Reading


One of the most exciting achievements that Yannik Collin, the Canadian actor has racked up in his short time in Los Angeles was getting representation. Not long after this tall charismatic actor arrived from the Great White North, he secured two agents and one manager. If that doesn’t sound ... Continue Reading


Celebrity hair stylist José Eber has all sorts of tricks (and tools) up his sleeves for sleek, shiny hair … even in humid spring weather. Rainy season has struck New York in the form of a seemingly endless monsoon. While this is good for the flora and fauna of ... Continue Reading