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Green Fashion Week

The Green Fashion Week (GFW) will be the end of Novembe 2016 in Milan, Italy. The previous edition was in Abu Dhabi and the next edition will be in Beverly Hills in March 2016. The Green Fashion Week is a yearly charity fashion event, organised by GD Major. As the fashion industry is one ... Continue Reading

Canada Goose Alternatives For Women

It’s no secret that Canada Goose crafts some of the best down jackets in the retail outerwear game today. And although this is may be case, spending thousands on a winter coat shouldn’t leave you out in the cold – metaphorically speaking, of course. So what’s the solution? Alternatives, ... Continue Reading

Alarabiya News English TV Reporter Simobb Joins Grammy Award-Winning Hitmaker Celebrity Music-Video Cast: “Don’t You Need Somebody”

Alarabiya News English TV Reporter Simobb Joins Grammy Award-Winning Hitmaker Celebrity Music-Video Cast: “Don’t You Need Somebody”
The fantastic music video features top performing artists Enrique Iglesias, R. City, Serayah, and Shaggy Music videos are a highly enjoyable form of entertainment and are always fun to watch. With a burning desire to make people feel excited, RedOne, an elite performing artist, Grammy Award-winning hitmaker, and multi-platinum ... Continue Reading

Walt Before Mickey

Walt Before Mickey is a feature film about the early years in Walt Disney’s career. In this original feature based on the book by the same name, you learn about how Walt & his brother Roy began there journey in the entertainment industry. Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) stars ... Continue Reading

Kainawa Delivers Package to the World

Kainawa Delivers Package to the World
For years the slang “Package” or “Packaging” was mainly used in West African circles, but now that trendy adjective has gone global thanks to United Kingdom based Sierra Leonean artiste Kainawa, and his debut catchy tune aptly titled “Package.” The term, which is used in a similar context as ... Continue Reading

LuLaRoe Consultant

Girls mag have a great new for you AT Alex Hack’s LuLa Shop is an online party from a LuLaRoe Consultant, it is open until 7pm tomorrow night. LuLaRoe sells unique, limited designs of women’s clothing. Visit now: #?style=43096 Join on facebook :

Glass Shaker

In the flood of different packaging for beverages, and based on the results of numerous studies, conscious people increasingly opt for glass, which has many advantages over other materials in the field of health and the environment. There are no harmful substances transferred into food as compared to plastics ... Continue Reading