News/Reviews | Girls Mag - Part 3

The Most Famous Watches of the Silver Screen

Keeping time accurately is one of the most important elements of modern life, especially if one is a time traveler, astronaut, international superspy, or war hero! Those jobs all depend on timeliness, so it’s no surprise that a host of iconic watches have come out of the movies. There ... Continue Reading

Talking Stick Forum

Talking Stick Forum is a service that provides a telephone forum for people to share their life experiences. They provide a respectful forum where callers can voice their life experiences, thoughts, ideas, or simply enjoy being phone calls are conducted by a trained host. People can join as ... Continue Reading

You’ve Probably Heard of Him

If you’re an underground hip-hop head who keeps up with beat tapes at all you’ve probably heard of Gael, who’s been making heads nod with his Godly Key series and others for some time. 808s and heavy barrage of claps have made him a pioneer of the “ratchet” sound. ... Continue Reading

Green Fashion Week

The Green Fashion Week (GFW) will be the end of Novembe 2016 in Milan, Italy. The previous edition was in Abu Dhabi and the next edition will be in Beverly Hills in March 2016. The Green Fashion Week is a yearly charity fashion event, organised by GD Major. As the fashion industry is one ... Continue Reading

Canada Goose Alternatives For Women

It’s no secret that Canada Goose crafts some of the best down jackets in the retail outerwear game today. And although this is may be case, spending thousands on a winter coat shouldn’t leave you out in the cold – metaphorically speaking, of course. So what’s the solution? Alternatives, ... Continue Reading