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Gledavi By Gledavi

gledavi gledavi
When you consistently receive compliments and praise for your bags, from friends and strangers alike, you know your bag  game is strong! The Swivel-in-Style bag is designed for women on the go but can be used by everyone! It’s more than Just a Versatile bag! It allows you to ... Continue Reading

Larsic Stove Cover

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Larsic Stove Cover – Thick Natural Rubber Sheet Protects Electric Stove Top. x #8243; Black. Anti-Slip Coating, Waterproof, Heat Resistant, Foldable. Prevents Scratching, Expands Usable Space NATURAL RUBBER STOVE COVER is thick and gives your glass electric stove top excellent protection. No more scratches, scrapes, cracks, or sticky ... Continue Reading

The Main Influencers on Instagram

huda-kattan huda-kattan
Influencer marketing is a big word in the contemporary social media marketing landscape. We are organically drawn to people who are followed by the masses. Brands have started to capitalize on the mass appeal of social media influencers to spread the word about their business and pull crowds to ... Continue Reading

Aashi Beauty
At Aashi Beauty we strive to bring the best products to the everyday person! Our company sells professional hair styling tools with an innovate design, 100% Indian Remy Human Clip-in hair extensions (made with no silicone) 100% Virign semi-permanent tape-in extensions. We are also a beauty line, in which ... Continue Reading


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Designer’s fashions and collections are updated daily! regardless of just how many fashion shows you have seen there is always something new and innovative which is My Mall Metro Updates there , Go Ahead!  Browse and Shop Online from World-Wide Designers Featuring Mens Clothes, Womens Clothes, Fashion Clothing, Apparel, ... Continue Reading

Spa Franchise opportunity

spa spa
Franchising is an excellent method to expand a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship between two parts: the franchisors, the company (in this case ComplexCity Spa) that grants the license for the managing a business under their mark and the franchisees, the person or company ... Continue Reading

Brazilian waxing

brazilian-wax-for-the-first-time brazilian-wax-for-the-first-time
How many times you’ve wanted to go to the beach but have those undesirable body hairs peaking out? The solution for showing a smooth skin free of hairs is hair removal. A pretty common practice among women and even men these days. There exist several ways to remove body ... Continue Reading