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Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2015
The BMW India Bridal Fashion Week showcases designers with exclusive bridal wear collections. This is the seventh edition of the fashion week. The next leg of the event is going to transpire in Hyderabad between the 3rd and 6th of next month, followed by a celebration in Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, ... Continue Reading

Home Remedies of Salt
No doubt Nature is beautiful. It has a lot of things for us that are very useful and beneficial for a human beings. Different elements the nature has for us that can be used for many purposes as some of them are used as a jewelry, some of them ... Continue Reading

Contribution to Contemporary Art

lila_copy lila_copy
While interviewing Lila Serezhkina, I noticed that she possesses a very unique way of a visual and sensual prescription of this world. Her interest in images and photography and mixed media ultimately moved her to create Photosculptures, which have thrust her into the spotlight of the international art world. ... Continue Reading

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection
Fendi is a rare Italian house for it is more famous for innovations than for century-long traditions. Fendi’s collections are built on modern silhouettes and materials. Even the brand’s new office in Rome is the epitome of clean lines that are part of the house’s DNA. Karl Lagerfeld, as ... Continue Reading

Elan Big City Life Collection 2015
Elan has introduced Eid ul Adha 2015 collection for girls. Elan vital term in its path by Khadijah Shah Director, more loved best luxury designer label house Elan launch their Eid ul Adha Collection “big city life.”Elan Eid ul Adha Big City Life Collection 2015, under their ready to ... Continue Reading

Hira Khan Ghauri Pret Collection 2015
Another sensational addition to the world of fashion and style by the name of the brand Hira Khan Ghauri (HKG) a new brand operated by Lahore based designer Hira khan fashion designer Hira has a design philosophy that the focus should be on the Pakistani traditional and the ... Continue Reading