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Cute Planner Stickers & Clear Stamps

Are you looking for the Cute Planner Stickers & Clear Stamps . Girls mag find a best shop for you EmelysPlannerShop is very famous for their Clear Stamp Sets and stickers with more then 320 good reviews 🙂 You will find a beautiful assortment of stickers that will transform ... Continue Reading

Amazing Eye Makeup Designs

When it come to beauty of girls eyes are the most attractive part of body .With new and amazing eye makeup designs girls try to make them more attractive so girls mag collect amazing eye makeup designs which are very famous these days.

All roads lead to Memphis

All roads lead to Memphis
  Girls Mag : CĂ©line Hello, what’s up? CĂ©line Schmink : Hello! I am divided between my pregnancy and music. Baby is due in February. I work on my “HĂ©roĂŻnescence” album. It will contain 10 songs of love. I work with Eric Miller. He composed for the Greats of ... Continue Reading

High Heel Pumps Shoes For Winter

High Heel Pumps Shoes For Winter
Girls Mag  bring to you the complete winter 2016 shoe trends report that you have all been waiting for. Thin heels or thick, pumps were one of the biggest fall 2016 shoe trends to hit the stage and we cannot help but jump with joy for it. On the other hand, ... Continue Reading

Wedding Room Decoration Ideas

wedding day is very important for every one it become more beautiful when we celebrate this day with different ways .wedding room decoration is very important in wedding day  so girls mag bring beautiful weeding room decoration ideas for you .Bedroom decoration for wedding night has become a part ... Continue Reading

Punk Dresses

Punk dresses are very famous fashion dresses in westron countiries among girls .so if your are looking for the best punk dresses then you find the best place girls mag bring the latest punk dresses styles for you.