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What exactly is an eyelash lift?

eyelash lift eyelash lift
A lash lift may be compared to a perm for your eyelashes. A lash lift, unlike lash extensions, involves changing the shape and colour of your existing lashes. Most people’s lashes grow outwards rather than upwards. However, according to board-qualified dermatologists, upward developing lashes will offer a more aesthetically ... Continue Reading

10 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Girl Squad Will Love

Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know it signifies the season of celebration, merriment, sharing, and caring. It is the holiday of the year when most people look forward to spending time with their families and getting presents. People also await the whole year to give ... Continue Reading

Stacked Haircuts For Thick Hair

Short Stacked Haircuts for Thick Hair is currently a subject that’s being sought after and appreciated by many internetizens today. Too long hair can be tough to style but the right short haircut really can make things much easier. Save yourself all the royalty-free hair clip art and image ... Continue Reading

Reasons to Get into Courier Driving

The recent months and years have seen a significant spike in demand for delivery drivers due to a combination of factors. For starters, more and more people are ordering things online and expecting to receive them in a shorter and shorter timeframe. Not only this, but there is also ... Continue Reading

Buying women clothing on discount!

holapick holapick
“I love shopping clothes”, that’s not a secret at all. But “I love shopping clothes from deals and sales”, that’s a secret I am revealing today. Everyone love sales and discounts, but I’m a bit choosy in it. I don’t go for any other sales. I wait for high ... Continue Reading