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Last week I bought 3 loungewear from the hoping. store that they named as The Cece and The Chelsea . when I received the package and unbox it, I honestly said that I was really amazed to see the loungewear. I did not expect that online shopping could be so fabulous and that much economical. ... Continue Reading

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Tangled earphone wire? Having your earphone wires wrenched off by the car door, home door, or that seemingly harmless edge? Well, we are too! That’s why our Mini wireless Bluetooth earbuds come with no wires! From charging, connecting, to usage, enjoy an automated, no wire experience and save loads ... Continue Reading

Soil Balance

Are you getting enough iron? How about protein? Vitamins and other minerals? Well, these very same questions can be posed to your plants. After all, your backyard and garden companions are living things like you and me, needing nutrition and sustenance to survive. No surprise, right? Every good gardener ... Continue Reading


Looking for the best birthday gift for her that is inspiring? Also, want to be thoughtful in your gift? But out of ideas. Do not be tens; you are at the right spot. Whenever it comes to her birthday, the first thing that should be in your mind is ... Continue Reading


Based in Long Island, New York; Brooke Smith is a female Model, Author, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Actress . Brooke has done a variety of modeling work, from major group shoots, Videos for up and coming artists to detailed glamour shoots including Bridal and beauty shoots for Publications in many ... Continue Reading

What are strip lashes?

 Who does not want to enhance his/her natural beauty? Who does not want to look beautiful, especially females who want to look better than others? In this aspect, women try all types of cosmetics that make them more attractive and charming. Eyelash extensions are one of them, and strip ... Continue Reading